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Soap Opera
Soap Opera

Starlene's wealthy older husband Stanley has been putting property into his daughter Jan's name. Starlene went to Jan's to find out why. Tiffany's ex-husband and lover Skeeter divorced Jan.
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Soap Opera "As The Mouse Moves" - Friday February 11th 2005
"Hi Starlene," Tiffany said as she opened the door to her Bleecker Street apartment for her sister.
"How did it go last night with the
big party" Starlene asked laughing as she walked into Tiffany's living room and her sister closed the door.
"Well, the dancers that were supposed to stop by after work never showed up," Tiffany said raising her eyebrows. 
"Really?  Was Deanna upset?" Starlene asked referring to Tiffany's roommate as they took a seat on the sofa together.
"Yeah, she seemed heartbroken. I really felt sorry for her.  She had food delivered before she got off work and everything. She was really looking forward to me meeting her co-workers. I have to confess I was glad they didn't show up though."
"Oh, so did you and Deanna have a party all by yourselves?" she asked smiling broadly.
"We had a few drinks and some of the food. She was on the verge of tears though. She went to bed not long after she got home from work."
"So what did the two of you talk about?"
"We talked about friends, relationships and how people disappoint us. It was almost like being with a regular person," Tiffany said.
"Did she talk about the club she dances in?"
"You haven't seen the club have you?"
"No. I'm just imagining it has to be pretty bad.  Well, what about you Starlene? How did lunch go with Jan yesterday?" she asked referring to Starlene's lunch with her wealthy older husband's daughter.
"It didn't happen," she said.
"I thought you said it was on? I thought you went to Jan's house for lunch and her housekeeper Ilona was cooking for you."
"I went over there and Jan called and said she was tied up. So I left."
"Do you believe she was tied up or just being mean?"
"Mean. I'm sure," Starlene said with confidence.
"So you didn't find out why Stanley is buying property and putting it in Jan's name?" Tiffany asked.
"Well, I didn't find too much out. Ilona did say that Jan and Stanley talk almost
every day about the estate.  I asked her if they talked about the estate or real estate, but she doesn't seem to know the difference.  You know her English is kinda bad."
"Oh.  I know you must be disappointed.  I know you were hoping to find out what's going on."
"Well, I guess I found out that I'm even more puzzled by it all. Ilona said that before Stanley and I got married he and Jan weren't very close. She says now they are like this," she said holding up two fingers pressed together.
"Uhmmm. That doesn't sound good to me," Tiffany said remembering how evil Jan could be since she'd worked with her in the past.
"I know," Starlene said. "Jan has a beautiful house there," Starlene said remembering the Upper East Side mansion.
"Oh, I bet it is nice with all the money she has."
"Yeah. I don't know how to tell you this Tiffany... but I think you should know," Starlene said leaning forward and glancing at her sister thoughtfully.
"Ilona says that Jan thinks that she and Skeeter will get back together one day," Tiffany said referring to Tiffany's ex-husband and lover that had recently divorced Jan.
"No!" Tiffany said wide-eyed and shocked.
"Yes.  I think maybe Skeeter and Jan are still chummy," Starlene said.

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Soap Opera

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Soap Opera
Soap Opera
Soap Opera

Is there anything going on between Skeeter and Jan? How will Tiffany find out?

"As The Mouse Moves" is a work of fiction. Any similarity of
characters, locations, etc. is purely coincidental.
"As the Mouse Moves"© is an original Readiocom™  Copyright 1999-2005.

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