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The hottest New York City daily soap opera has hooked its readers since 1999!
This daily updated soap opera fiction follows characters from around the world as they live, work and love in New York City. It's never boring, always hot, and totally unpredictable.

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Soap Opera

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Tiffany Diamond… Moved to NYC from Georgia …Blonde Divorcee Financially Challenged
Blake...Tiffany's hot looking bi-racial as a gym manager
Starlene Bronson...Tiffany's Sister.. Buxom Blonde...divorcing Mega Money.. Matt
Matt Bronson...Multi-Millionaire from Texas...Offices in NYC…Big Everything
Stanley Morgan...Starlene's ex-husband... Wealthy Older Businessman Married to Nina
Nina Morgan...Naughty Nina... Foreign Born Beauty...Fashion Model...Man Stealer
Abe Goldstein...Starlene's young high-powered Jewish divorce lawyer/sometimes lover
Sean Kane… handsome wealthy famous entertainment tycoon any woman would love
Soap Opera

Tiffany had 2 lovers Blake & Sean. Her sister Starlene had dated Sean first, but left to go back to her husband Matt in Texas. Matt's going to jail for tax fraud. Scoundrels come & go but real love...
Soap Opera Soap Opera

Soap Opera "As The Mouse Moves" - Monday December 24th 2007
"So Myra's finally gone," Starlene said referring to their roommate they'd just thrown out. She watched as her sister Tiffany walked into the living room of their Bleecker Street apartment and took a seat on the sofa beside her. 
"Yeah, I guess it's best I learned the truth about Blake and Myra now before it's too late," Tiffany said referring to her bi-racial boyfriend Blake and his womanizing ways.  The worse thing possible had happened when Myra bragged to Tiffany that she knew about Blake's tattoo that only a lover would know.  That had forced the issue with their young out-of-work actress roommate and her cheating lover Blake. 
"I told you Blake would never be faithful.  How could he with all those women undressing behind that transparent shower all day long in front of him," Starlene said referring to the Upper West Side Gym where the handsome bi-racial bodybuilder works as a manager. "Blake wasn't ever going to settle down," Starlene added with certainty.
"I guess so.  I really did care about Blake, but I do have Sean now," Tiffany said referring to the famous entertainment tycoon that had fallen for her while her sister Starlene had been in Texas reuniting with her multi-millionaire husband Matt Bronson. Being involved in a love triangle had been hard she thought and she certainly never would allow herself to get into another such situation she decided.
"I hope it really does work out for you with Sean," Starlene said smiling as she remembered a few of Sean's show business parties that she'd been invited to. When he didn't show any interest in an intimate relationship with her she'd given up and gone back to Matt and his money.  Surely things would have turned out differently if she'd stayed, at least that's the way she'd settled it in her mind since no man had ever resisted her charms.
"It will work out with Sean. I know," Tiffany said with an unusual air of confidence.
"How do you know for sure?"
"Because Sean told me that when he gets back from his next tour he wants us to get married," Tiffany said having held back on the biggest secret until she knew for sure her sister wasn't really upset with her about her relationship with Sean.
"Really Tiffany?" Starlene said her eyes widening as she watched her sister smile.  "Oh that's wonderful.  I'm so happy for you Tiffany.  When will Sean be back from his tour?"
"In about six months.  I told him that would be enough time for me to break the news to you and then we could plan our wedding," Tiffany said relieved to see Starlene was genuinely happy for her.
"Oh this really does make everything so much easier for me," Starlene said as they heard a tapping on the front door of the Bleecker Street apartment. "I'll get the door," Starlene said as she jumped up from the sofa and rushed towards the door. She quickly unlocked the latch and opened the door.  "Hi," she whispered warmly.
"Did you tell her yet?" Stanley asked in a quiet voice as he stepped into the foyer.
"Hi Stanley," Tiffany called out when she spotted her ex-brother-in-law and neighbor Stanley at the front door. She'd become close to Stanley sharing her many secrets with her aging ex-brother-law as they commiserated on how they missed Starlene while she was in Texas.
"Hi Tiffany," Stanley said as he walked towards the living room and Starlene closed the front door. 
"Myra just moved out," Tiffany announced as she watched Stanley walk into the living room with Starlene right behind him.  She noticed they stopped in front of the sofa and stood together as they watched her.  "What's the matter?" Tiffany asked as she saw them glancing back and forth at each other.
"Stanley, Tiffany just told me that she and Sean are planning to get married," Starlene said glancing towards her aging ex-husband.
"I know," Stanley said smiling at Tiffany and nodding.
"Tiffany told me that you encouraged her to stay with Sean and leave Blake.  It turned out to be the right thing too Stanley," Starlene said. "We just found out that Myra's been seeing Blake and we didn't know it all along," Starlene said as she saw Stanley looking towards Tiffany to gauge her reaction to the news.
"It's okay Stanley.  I can't have both men.  I've told Sean that I'll marry him when he gets back from his tour.  Starlene and I are okay with everything.  She isn't mad at me," Tiffany said smiling at her sister.
"That's because your sister has some news to tell you too," Stanley said smiling as he glanced towards his ex-wife the former Playbody model as she stood beside him.
"Stanley  I already know that Matt's going to jail for tax fraud. Starlene told me that," Tiffany said." She noticed Starlene and Stanley eyeing each other as if they were sharing a secret. "What's going on here?" Tiffany asked.
"Stanley and Nina will be divorced soon," Starlene finally said referring to the foreign born fashion model that had broken up her marriage to Stanley years ago.
"So?" Tiffany said shrugging her shoulders.
"Stanley and I are thinking about getting married again," Starlene said grinning.
"Get out of here," Tiffany said wide eyed with surprise.
"I hope so," Stanley said.  "I've wanted nothing more for years," he added as he put his arm around his voluptuous blonde ex-wife and pulled her closer to him.
"This is wonderful," Tiffany said.  "Just wonderful," she said as the phone rang on the coffee table in front of her.  She smiled as she watched Starlene and Stanley blushing like young lovers as she reached for the ringing telephone. "Hello," Tiffany answered.
"Baby, you know who this is?" a familiar man's voice asked in a slow southern accent on the other end of the phone.
"Skeeter," Tiffany managed to mumble as her heart raced at the sound of her ex-husband's sexy smooth voice.  She instantly visualized his handsome dark good looks and that self assured swagger that melted her every time he walked into a room. Since he'd moved back to Georgia a few years ago she'd only recently thought she might have finally gotten over him.
"Baby I got good news for
us," Skeeter said as he successfully hailed a cab then quickly picked up his suitcase from the curb at LaGuardia Airport.
*The writers of "As the Mouse Moves" are taking a break.  We thank our loyal readers of many years and ask that you subscribe if you would like to receive notice of further updates. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

"As The Mouse Moves" is a work of fiction. Any similarity of
characters, locations, etc. is purely coincidental.

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