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Soap Opera
Soap Opera

While Tiffany was in Georgia she asked her ex-husband Skeeter to interview applicants to room with her. Skeeter rented the room to a dancer while she was gone.  Tiffany's suspicious and worried.
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Soap Opera "As The Mouse Moves" - Friday October 29th 2004
"Hey Starlene.  Why are you hurrying off?" Skeeter asked as Tiffany held open the front door of her apartment as her sister rushed out to leave.
"Oh I've got to get home to Stanley," she said referring to her new husband.
"Don't wear that old man out too fast," Skeeter said as he walked into his ex-wife's living room.
"See you both later," Starlene said rushing down the stairs.
"She's sure in a big hurry to get home to that old man," Skeeter said walking towards the kitchen and opening the refrigerator. Tiffany closed the door and followed him.
"She wants to get out of here before we have a
big fight," Tiffany said as she watched him open his can of beer. They walked towards the living room together.
"I was hoping you had missed me and we'd have a little time together," he said nodding his head towards her bedroom.
"I don't think so Skeeter. I think you have some explaining to do," she said still angry that he'd rented out Starlene's bedroom to a dancer while she was in Georgia.
"What's the problem?" he asked pretending not to already know.
"Oh you met her?" he said acting as if he didn't just see the dancer leave her apartment.  He'd run into her downstairs and she told him that Tiffany seemed shocked by her.
"Yes, I met her Skeeter. Starlene and I both met her just a few minutes ago."
"Well, did you like her?"
"No. She isn't exactly what I had in mind to live in my apartment."
"I got the rent for you. I did all I knew how to do," he said leaning back on the sofa and taking a long sip of his beer.
"Just how much did you
do Skeeter?" Tiffany asked through narrowed eyes.
"Just what kind of question is that?"
"You know exactly what I mean.  Did you and that girl do anything while I was gone?  Is that why you rented the room to her?"
"No, and I don't like you suggesting anything like that either," he said hoping Deanna would never let on that the two of them had become extremely close when he'd interviewed for the rental.
"She looks like a lady-of-the-evening Skeeter."
"Why do you say that?"
"Skeeter really!" she said holding her hands cupped away from her chest to illustrate the size of Deanna's bosom.
"Oh come on now.  Starlene's a big girl too and she's not a lady-of-the-evening."
"Starlene is my sister and that's all natural."
"How do you know this girl's aren't natural?"
"No woman has them that size Skeeter!"
"You can't be sure of that."
"Come on Skeeter!  Why did you rent Starlene's bedroom to her when I asked you to wait until I got back from Georgia so I could interview the applicants?"
"She needed an answer right away."
"I don't believe that.  She said she had to choose between this apartment and one on the Upper East Side.  She could have waited."
"I don't like your attitude Tiffany," he said defensively.
"I don't like her."
"Then tell her to leave then," he said.
will as soon as she comes home from her date," Tiffany said watching him closely.
"Date?  Who's she got a date with?"
"A professor at NYU.  Why do you care Skeeter?" she asked. They both turned their attention to the hallway when they heard Deanna's voice near the front door.
"She must have forgotten something," Tiffany said getting up and walking towards the front door. "Maybe I'll tell her to leave now, while you're here," Tiffany said nervously.

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Soap Opera
Soap Opera

Will Tiffany ask Deanna to leave?  Is Deanna a lady-of-the-evening? How far did Skeeter go with her?
Soap Opera

"As The Mouse Moves" is a work of fiction. Any similarity of
characters, locations, etc. is purely coincidental.
"As the Mouse Moves"© is an original Readiocom™  Copyright 1999-2004.

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