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Soap Opera
Soap Opera

Tiffany's sister Starlene had a fling with Vinny and he's in the Mafia. Starlene wants to marry Stanley. Vinny wants to run Stanley off (or worse). Tiffany's boss Clark is friends with Vinny & fired her.
Soap Opera Soap Opera

Soap Opera "As The Mouse Moves" - Friday September 17th 2004
"I can't believe what has happened," Tiffany said shaking her head.
"Yeah, it's really getting ugly.  I don't know what to do," Starlene said. "I guess I have to talk to Vinny again."
"Look Starlene, I'm scared of him.  I mean he was really threatening to me today. Don't dare say that I've said anything about him."
"Don't worry.  But I have to get him to leave me alone," Starlene said as they heard a knock on the door.
"Oh no. I bet that's Vinny," Tiffany said.
"I'll go see," Starlene said getting up from her chair and walking to the door.  She heard a voice outside in the hallway.  "Delivery," the man said. She opened the door to see a delivery man with three dozen long stem red roses.
"For me?" she said excitedly.
"If you're Starlene," the man said handing her the flowers. She closed the door and walked back towards the sofa where Tiffany was seated.
"I hope those flowers are from Stanley," Tiffany said as Starlene opened the envelope attached to the cellophane on the roses.
"What does it say Starlene?"
"For my bride to be... more to come when you marry me," she read aloud.
"Whose name is on there?"
"There isn't a name," she said walking to the kitchen to put the roses in water.
"Oh no. So what do you think?"
"I think they're from Vinny," Starlene said.  "Stanley doesn't do things like this and he's upset that Vinny was on the sidewalk waiting when he brought me home today."
"Oh no," Tiffany said shaking her head as they heard another knock on the door.  Starlene walked towards the front door and opened it to see Vinny standing in the hallway.
"Hi Vinny," she said with a serious tone in her voice.
"You mind if I come in?" he asked in his thick Brooklyn accent.
"I'm kind of busy now Vinny," she said.
"Did you get my flowers?"
"Yes they just came."
"Does that old man send you roses?"
"If you're referring to Stanley, no."
"Did you enjoy your evening at Trump in Atlantic City last night?"
"Vinny how do you know where I went last night?" she asked.
"I gots my ways," he said smugly.
"You aren't following me are you?"
"No. I was right here.  I even stopped by and talked to your sister Tiffany. Ain't that right Tiffany?" he asked spotting Tiffany on the sofa in the living room. He watched as she nodded her head.
"Vinny I don't think this is working out."
"You didn't say stuff like that a few days ago when we was at City Hall getting ready to be married."
"It was a lark Vinny. I just got carried away."
"That ain't what it feels like when I kiss you Starlene."
"Vinny, this is causing so much trouble.  My sister Tiffany lost her job today over us and all of this," she said.
"Don't be blaming me for Tiffany losing her job.  From what I understand Clark has fired her before.  Her employment record is scratchy at best. I don't want to be held responsible for Tiffany's job.  Okay?" he asked frowning.
"Yes.  That's fine.  But I'm not comfortable with you living next door like this."
"We could be living together.  We could buy a house anywhere you want."
"I mean I don't think things are going to work out for
us Vinny. I'm seeing Stanley again."
"That ain't what he just told me Starlene," he said through narrowed eyes.

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Soap Opera
Soap Opera
Soap Opera

Can Starlene get rid of Vinny now?  Will Stanley dump her out of fear? Will Tiffany get her job back?

"As The Mouse Moves" is a work of fiction. Any similarity of
characters, locations, etc. is purely coincidental.
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