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New York City's daily interactive soap opera has hooked readers for over five years. You'll see famous models, actresses, actors, and readers cast in starring roles. This daily soap opera fiction follows characters from around the world as they live, work & love in New York City.
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Soap Opera
Soap Opera

Tiffany's boss caught his wife Nicole with a car salesman.  Tiffany advised him and he got mad. Tiffany's sister Starlene wants to marry Stanley.  Mafia Vinny wants to marry Starlene.
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Soap Opera "As The Mouse Moves" - Monday September 13th 2004
"Where are you Starlene?  What do you mean you aren't in New York?" Tiffany asked as she paced the floor of her apartment with her telephone.
"Last night Stanley and I were talking and I got so upset, that he decided I needed to get away a little while," she said.
"So what does that mean?"
"We're in Atlantic City," she said as she watched Stanley placing a bet at a table in the casino.
"Oh.  I thought for a minute you were going to tell me you had run away to get married," Tiffany said.
"I wish!  What's going on with you?"
"I've got to get back to work.  Hopefully Clark and I can patch everything up. I guess I shouldn't have given him any advice about Nicole," she said referring to his wife that had cheated on him with a car salesman.
"Good luck.  Look, I've got to go!  Stanley promised me he'd give me any money that he wins and I see he just won!" she said.
"Great.  See you later," Tiffany said hanging up the phone.  She picked up her purse to leave to go back to the office when she heard a knock on the front door.
She walked to the door and opened it to see Vinny standing in the hallway.
"Hi Vinny," she said.
"Hey there Tiffany.  You got a minute to talk?" he asked in his thick Brooklyn accent.
"No, I have to get back to work."
"That's what I thought I better talk to you about."
"What do you mean?"
"Clark called me and said the two of you had a big argument just before you left for lunch."
"Why would Clark call you?"
"Cause I'm his wife's best friend. That's why," he said frowning.
"I see."
"So what did he say?"
"I think we should get out of the hallway to talk about this Tiffany," he said glancing back and forth as if someone might hear him.
"Okay. Come in," she said standing back for him to come into her apartment.  She closed the door and stood in front of it looking at him.
"Gee, it ain't going to cost you anything to invite me to sit down like a human being," he said through narrowed eyes.
"I'm sorry.  I forgot my manners," she said waving her hand towards the sofa.  She followed him as he walked into the living room and took a seat on the sofa. She sat down in a chair nearby.
"First off Clark said that you keep making references to Nicole's father being in the Mafia," he said as he turned the gold chain on his muscular neck.
"Oh Clark said that huh?"
"Yeah. What do you know about Nicole's dead father?" he asked referring to his former boss in Florida.
"Oh I don't know anything. I only saw stuff on the news where they said he was a Mafia boss."
"You believe everything you see on TV?"
"Good. I didn't think you was stupid," he said as his jaw tightened. "Look Clark is upset about Nicole leaving him.  He wants her back.  I don't think it's your place to be telling him that her dead Daddy was in the Mob."
"Gee, I'm sorry," she said seeing how her well intended advice looked bad to them.
"I know Starlene's your sister and you love her, but I don't think it's your business to be telling her what man she needs in her life either."
"I don't know what to say," she said swallowing hard.
"I'm just trying to tell you in a nice way that I'm living next door to you and I might be staying there a
while.  I love your sister and I intend to marry her, so keep your opinions to yourself," he said getting up to leave.
She sat in the chair watching as he walked towards the front door. He turned around before opening the door.  "I hope we understand each other better now," he said before walking out into the hallway to leave.

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Soap Opera
Soap Opera
Soap Opera

What will Clark say when Tiffany goes back to work?  Does she still have a job?

"As The Mouse Moves" is a work of fiction. Any similarity of
characters, locations, etc. is purely coincidental.
"As the Mouse Moves"© is an original Readiocom™  Copyright 1999-2004.

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