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New York City's daily interactive soap opera has hooked readers for over five years. You'll see famous models, actresses, actors, and readers cast in starring roles. This daily soap opera fiction follows characters from around the world as they live, work & love in New York City.
It's never boring, always hot, and totally unpredictable. Welcome to a sizzling NYC scene.

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Soap Opera
Soap Opera

Clark caught his wife Nicole with a car salesman and she left him. Tiffany's sister Starlene had a fling with Mafia connected Vinny (Nicole's friend). Vinny moved in next door to Starlene and Tiffany.
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Soap Opera "As The Mouse Moves" - Wednesday September 8th 2004
Tiffany watched as Clark paced the floor of his living room where they work.
"I just can't live without her," he said glancing out of the window hoping his wife Nicole would come back to him.
"Clark I hope you don't mind if I'm honest with you," Tiffany said as she sat at her desk watching her boss.
"No. Please, tell me what you think.  I mean you've worked for me for six years and you know Nicole. What do you think I should do?" he asked.
"Divorce her. I think you should just divorce her," Tiffany said.
"Why?  How can you say that?" he said taking a seat on the sofa and staring at Tiffany.
"You caught her in the bed with that car salesman.  How much more can you take Clark?"
"I think she's just upset over her father dying," he said referring to his wife Nicole's Mafia father that was recently killed in a restaurant in Florida.
"Clark that isn't the way women grieve."
"But I love her Tiffany.  You didn't divorce Skeeter for a long time.  And look what's going on with you now!  Skeeter's living in the same apartment building with you. Right next door!"
"It seems everyone keeps throwing that up to me," she said.
"Who else has said that?"
"Starlene.  She always bringing it up these days," she said referring to her sister and roommate.
"How's she doing with Vinny?" he asked referring to Nicole's friend and father's associate that fell in love with Starlene.
"He moved in with Skeeter last night," she said remembering the scene that took place in her apartment building.
"Wow I guess she'll be married to Vinny soon."
"I don't know.  Stanley came by to see her and he and Vinny got into it right out in the hallway."
"Oh no! Stanley is much too old to be fighting like that."
"I know.  It's really unfair.  I do have to say that Starlene did stand up for Stanley though.  She says that she told Vinny that she loves Stanley."
"I know Vinny will be broken hearted about that," Clark said.
"I don't care. I don't want my sister married to somebody in the Mafia."
"Tiffany I don't think Vinny's really in the Mafia," Clark said still refusing to believe that his wife's friend and her family are involved with the Mob.
"I know you don't believe it Clark, but the newspapers all say things about it. Where there's smoke there is usually fire," she said in her southern accent.
"I just don't believe it.  Nicole's father seemed like a nice man," he said thinking about his deceased father-in-law.
"I don't care.  I don't like Vinny. I don't like the way he's pressuring my sister.  He's pushy."
"Like Skeeter isn't pushy?"
"I wish everyone would quit bringing Skeeter into things. He doesn't have anything to do with this," she said defensively.
"Maybe everyone is getting tired of your advice when your life is just as messed up," Clark said.
"Well, if that's the way you feel," Tiffany said angrily.
"It is the way I feel Tiffany.  I'm tired of hearing you tell me to divorce Nicole. I know you never liked her. You were always jealous of her," he said.
"Jealous!  I've never been jealous of Nicole. That's crazy," she said getting up from her desk and walking towards the front door.
"Yes you are.  Nicole always told me that you were jealous that she and Skeeter even knew each other," he said bitterly.
"So you're blaming me for Nicole leaving you?" she asked putting her hands on her hips as she stopped to stand in front of him.
"No.  I'm just saying you should mind your own business. You've made a mess of your own life.  Don't judge everyone else."
"I'm going to lunch. I can't take this," she said storming out of the front door.
"Take the rest of the day off. I don't need you here," he said as she slammed the door.

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Soap Opera

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Soap Opera
Soap Opera

Oh no, will Tiffany lose her job over this?  How is Starlene doing with Stanley? What will Vinny do now?
Soap Opera

"As The Mouse Moves" is a work of fiction. Any similarity of
characters, locations, etc. is purely coincidental.
"As the Mouse Moves"© is an original Readiocom™  Copyright 1999-2004.

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