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New York City's daily interactive soap opera has hooked readers for over five years. You'll see famous models, actresses, actors, and readers cast in starring roles. This daily soap opera fiction follows characters from around the world as they live, work & love in New York City.
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Soap Opera
Soap Opera

Starlene went for a ride in Mafia connected Vinny's new car and almost married him. She finally convinced her older lover Stanley to forgive her.  Tiffany's ex-husband Skeeter is her neighbor.
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Soap Opera "As The Mouse Moves" - Thursday September 2nd 2004
"Skeeter have you lost your mind?"  Tiffany asked. She watched Mafia connected Vinny and her ex-husband moving boxes of Vinny's clothes into Skeeter's apartment next door to hers.
"Vinny's got to have a place to stay.  You heard about the incident with Clark and Nicole, didn't you?" Skeeter asked referring to Tiffany's boss that had just caught his wife with a car salesman. Nicole's deceased father had employed Vinny to work for him in Florida.
"Yes.  I heard that Nicole was caught with the Ferrari salesman," Tiffany said in disgust.
"Well, she's leaving Clark and moving back into her apartment. So Vinny can't stay there now," Skeeter said as Vinny picked up a large box and walked into Skeeter's apartment.
"Skeeter!  Have you completely lost your mind?" she repeated in a loud whisper.
"No, he needs a place to stay."
"He's got plenty of money. Why can't he stay in a hotel?"
"Cause," Skeeter said looking through his apartment door to see Vinny had gone into the bathroom and closed the door.
"Look Tiffany. I know you aren't exactly happy about this, but it is my apartment. If I want to invite Vinny to stay with me then it's my business."
"Nicole's your business too from what I understand."
"No that's Clark's problem if his wife is cheating on him."
"She told Clark that she talked to
you and that you said he should divorce her."
"She came by the Washington Square Hotel where Vinny and I were having drinks.  I was trying to help Vinny with this thing with Starlene."
"So you helped Nicole instead?"
"Nicole was upset."
"She should have been!  She was caught in the bed with a car salesman!" Tiffany said a little louder than she meant to.
"So I just talked to her some."
"That's not what she said!"
"Well why don't you tell me what she said Tiffany," he said through narrowed eyes.
"She told Clark that 'you had always been there for her'."
"Oh she's just angry with Clark and his whining."
"She didn't deny having an affair with you Skeeter."
"Get off of it Tiffany.  This ain't about me and Nicole.  It's about Vinny moving in with me," he said as the bathroom door opened and Vinny walked towards the front door.
"No, it's about all of it. This will never work out Skeeter. You can't live here and have him in the apartment.  You can't do that," she said in a loud whisper.
"What's the problem here?" Vinny asked walking towards the front door.
"Nicole told her that she and I had been seeing each other in the past.  Tiffany's all upset over it," Skeeter said slyly winking at Vinny.
"Don't pay no attention to Niki.  She's just upset cause her old man caught her in the sack and the police came over to the apartment after Clark knocked the guy out," Vinny said laughing.
"It's not funny Vinny," Tiffany said as her voice trembled in anger.
"Well, I'm sorry you're such a serious natured person and I'm not," Vinny said.
"Come on the two of you have to get along," Skeeter said as he watched his ex-wife staring at his new roommate.
"For the sake of me and Starlene I think Skeeter's right about this Tiffany.  I think we should try to get along," Vinny said.
"I don't think I'll be getting along with either one of you," Tiffany said glaring back and forth between the two men.
"Look Tiffany, I told you Nicole is lying about seeing Skeeter. We was having a drink and she came into the restaurant all upset.  I know her. She's lying about it.  She's jealous that you and Skeeter are happy.  Just ignore her," Vinny said shrugging his muscular shoulders.
"I don't believe that for a minute," Tiffany said as they heard footsteps coming up the stairs towards them.

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Soap Opera

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Soap Opera
Soap Opera

How will it work out with Vinny living next door to Starlene?  Will Stanley find out? 
Soap Opera

"As The Mouse Moves" is a work of fiction. Any similarity of
characters, locations, etc. is purely coincidental.
"As the Mouse Moves"© is an original Readiocom™  Copyright 1999-2004.

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