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New York City's daily interactive soap opera has hooked readers for over five years. You'll see famous models, actresses, actors, and readers cast in starring roles. This daily soap opera fiction follows characters from around the world as they live, work & love in New York City.
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Soap Opera
Soap Opera

Starlene ran off with Vinny (Mafia) in his new Ferrari. She was packing to move to Stanley's.  She had her wedding gown with her, so Vinny almost convinced her to marry him. Stanley saved the day.
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Soap Opera "As The Mouse Moves" - Friday August 6th 2004
Tiffany heard a knock on the front door of her apartment overlooking Bleecker Street.  She turned down the sound on her TV with the remote and rushed towards the door. She quickly opened the door and was surprised to see Vinny in the hallway.
"Vinny!" she said staring at the Mafia connected young man from Brooklyn that almost married her sister Starlene.
"Is Starlene home?" he asked.
"Do you know if she'll be home soon?"
"I don't know," she lied.
"I've tried calling her several times and she must have turned off her cell phone."
"I don't know."
"Do you know where she went? I could just go find her," he offered noticing that Tiffany hadn't invited him inside her apartment.
"She went out with Stanley.  I think they're having dinner," Tiffany said hoping he would be so discouraged that he'd leave town.
"Oh, so she is with him again," he said as his jaw tightened.  He remembered how Stanley sent an agent from Playbody Magazine to City Hall at the last minute.  The agent offered Starlene a job as a model to tempt her into forgoing the marriage with him.
"Yes, she's with Stanley."
"Man nothing is working out the way it's suppose to," he said in his thick Brooklyn accent.
"Vinny, Starlene and Stanley have been together a long time."
"You can't blame me for trying Tiffany."
"No I guess not. Maybe you'll find someone else."
"I still want Starlene to marry me.  I got the license and I want to go back down to City Hall with her," he said remembering how close he came to getting her to marry him. 
"Vinny that's not a good idea.  I think you should find someone else."
"There'll never be another woman like Starlene for me," he said remembering how great her voluptuous bosom looked in the low cut wedding gown.
"She planned to marry Stanley and I think that's what she should do."
"She ain't going to marry him in the next couple of days is she?"
"I don't think Stanley does things like
that," Tiffany said thinking about Starlene's dignified older lover.
"No he does stuff like get her job's modeling for that men's magazine…Playbody," Vinny said as his eyes narrowed.
"Starlene wants that."
"If she was my wife she'd never take off her clothes for anything like that," Vinny said reaching up to turn the gold chain on his muscular neck.
"Well, I don't exactly approve either, but she's a grown woman."
"Man this is the worse timing ever," he said continuing to nervously turn the gold chain.
"I'm sorry," Tiffany said taking a step back into her apartment as if she were going to close the door.
"Would you give her a message for me?"
"Sure," Tiffany said surprised by his nervousness.
"Tell her I had to go to Florida unexpectedly.  I'll call her as soon as I can," he said shaking his head.
"Sure," Tiffany said pleased to hear he's leaving town.
"Tell her something has come up," he said shifting his weight from one foot to the other.
"Sure," Tiffany said starting to close the door.
"Tell her I wouldn't leave if it weren't an emergency. Tell her I want to marry her as soon as I get back," he said taking a step towards the door.
"Okay Vinny. I'll tell her, but I can't say she'll wait for you.  I don't know what she'll think," Tiffany said hoping he'd leave.
"Then I guess I better tell her the whole story," he said.
"I don't know," Tiffany said shrugging her shoulders.
"Tell her Nicole's father has died and I have to go to Florida to take care of some business.  I'll be back for her as soon as I can. I'll call her," he said turning to leave.
"Nicole's father?" Tiffany asked thinking about the Mafia boss that Vinny worked for in Florida.
"Yeah," he said shaking his head.
"Does Nicole know?" she asked thinking about her boss's wife.
"She knows. She's already left for Florida."
"And Clark?" Tiffany asked referring to Nicole's husband and her boss at Manhattan Party Planning.
"He's with her.  They just left town.  Look I gotta run. Tell Starlene I love her," he said turning to leave.
"But Vinny!  What happened to Nicole's father?" Tiffany asked stepping out into the hallway as he rushed towards the stairs to leave.

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Soap Opera

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Soap Opera
Soap Opera

What happened to Nicole's father?  Will Starlene decide to wait for Vinny? Will Stanley forgive Starlene?
Soap Opera

"As The Mouse Moves" is a work of fiction. Any similarity of
characters, locations, etc. is purely coincidental.
"As the Mouse Moves"© is an original Readiocom™  Copyright 1999-2004.

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