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New York City's daily interactive soap opera has hooked readers for over five years. You'll see famous models, actresses, actors, and readers cast in starring roles. This daily soap opera fiction follows characters from around the world as they live, work & love in New York City.
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Soap Opera
Soap Opera

Skeeter left his wife Jan and moved in next door to his first wife Tiffany. A romance started.  Tiffany's bosses wife Nicole called Skeeter and they are secretly seeing each other too.  Who's next?
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Soap Opera "As The Mouse Moves" - Friday March 26th 2004
"Thanks for meeting me for lunch," Tiffany said as she watched her sister Starlene take off her jacket and hang it on the hook near the booth at the Washington Square Diner.
"Oh, I needed to get away from Stanley and everything too," she said as she slid into the seat. "How long do you have for lunch?"
"Not long.  Nicole's been a real pain in you-know-what lately," she said referring to her bosses wife that was secretly having an affair with Tiffany's ex-husband Skeeter.
"Who's her latest victim?" Starlene asked referring to Nicole's reputation as a loose woman.  A few years ago Nicole had an affair with Starlene's wealthy lover Stanley.  Starlene just couldn't forgive either one of them.
"I don't know.  Men call the office from time to time.  She's just acting weird around me lately.  For some reason she's always checking my appointment book like I don't know how to keep track of things.  I know my job; I've worked there for years.  It's so irritating," Tiffany said smiling as the waitress put two glasses of Diet Coke on the table.
"What can I bring you girls today?" the waitress asked.
"I'll have a Diet Delight Platter with tuna," Tiffany said.
"Make it two.  It's almost bikini time," Starlene said as the waitress wrote down the orders and quickly walked to the next booth of NYU students.
"How's it going with you and Stanley?"
"I made up my mind not to say too much more about us getting married."
"You think he's going to give in?"
"No, I don't think he's going to get off his dime. I'm going to pack up some stuff and just leave and see if that gets him moving," she said as she took the paper off the end of her straw in the Diet Coke.
"Oh, so you might be coming over soon with some suitcases," Tiffany said referring to their prior agreement that Starlene could stay with her.
"Yeah, if that's still okay?"
"Oh sure.  I don't know what's going on in my life either."
"What's wrong Tiffany?" Starlene asked as she watched Tiffany shake her head in disgust.
"I know Amir will be coming home any day now and I just don't know what's going to happen."
"Because of Skeeter?"
"Yeah.  I was honest with Skeeter and told him that Amir called."
"How'd he take it?"
"You know Skeeter.  He wasn't too happy.  Skeeter's not the kind of man that puts up with competition.  He's smarting right now because some other guy got the second job modeling for that billboard in Times Square."
"I know.  I know Skeeter's not going to put up with you seeing any one else."
"And he lives next door to me now," she said referring to the fact that Skeeter had just moved into the apartment next door.
"So why don't you see Amir and find out what his story is then decide which man you want?"
"I can't have Amir come to the apartment because Skeeter might find out."
"Amir has tons of money, make him take you somewhere nice."
"Don't you think that's dishonest of me though?  I mean Skeeter and I promised we'd be totally honest. I don't want to be the one that does something wrong."
"He'd never know."
"But I'd know Starlene."
"Skeeter cheated on you so many times why would you feel this way?"
"Because I love him and we're trying to start over. We promised each other it would be different," she said as her cell phone in her purse rang. "I bet that's Nicole with some more dumb questions. She does this all the time lately.  It's so irritating," Tiffany said as she pulled the small phone from her purse. 
"Is it Nicole?" Starlene asked as she watched Tiffany's expression change to shock when she looked at the caller ID.
"No," Tiffany said.
"Well who is it?"

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Soap Opera

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Soap Opera
Soap Opera

Who is it?  Will Tiffany and Skeeter get back together or will she stay with Amir?
Soap Opera

"As The Mouse Moves" is a work of fiction. Any similarity of
characters, locations, etc. is purely coincidental.
"As the Mouse Moves"© is an original Readiocom™  Copyright 1999-2004.

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