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The Soap Opera "As the Mouse Moves" is the web's most popular daily updated short story out of all the online books, fiction, series stories and web soap operas online today. This daily soap opera depicting the NYC lives of a single woman, a party planner, and an international spa owner is NYC's original photo drama. Follow the love life and romance of a small town girl becoming part of the New York experience. "As the Mouse Moves" is part of Readio NY Magazine featuring daily recipes, daily photo tours and this daily soap opera.
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Starring Tiffany Diamond.
Skeeter-her estranged husband
Clark Masters as her boss,
Jan and Amir - the clientele.
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Soap Opera
Soap Opera

Clark just married Nicole. He's out on a sales call. Tiffany and Nicole are alone in the townhouse where they work. Nicole's secretly seeing Tiffany's ex-husband Skeeter and her sister's lover Stanley.
Soap Opera
Soap Opera

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Soap Opera "As The Mouse Moves" - Monday September 30th 2002
"Yes," Tiffany mumbled into the phone distracted as her eyes watched Nicole outside of the front door of the townhouse where they worked near Washington Square Park.  She watched as Nicole openly flirted with the handsome neighbor.  She watched  Nicole move so close to the young man that her bosom was resting on his arm as she smiled and whispered something into his ear.
"This is the nurse at Doctor Lawson's office. Nicole I see that you left instructions for us to call you with the results of your pregnancy test when it comes in. Well dear, we have the news you've waited for," the nurse said.
"Uhh, wait a minute," Tiffany said surprised and torn between wanting to know what the nurse was going to say and knowing she should tell her that she wasn't Nicole but the secretary.  Her decision was made a little easier when Nicole opened the front door of the townhouse. Nicole walked in holding the door open and turning to say goodbye to the handsome young neighbor. They stood together in the doorway smiling at each other as he admired her legs in the short leather skirt she was wearing.
"Hold one moment please," Tiffany said hitting the hold button on the phone. "Nicole, there's a phone call for you," she said careful to act as if there wasn't anything unusual going on."
"Can't you see I'm busy," Nicole said turning towards Tiffany and frowning as the neighbor took a pen from his pocket and wrote his phone number on a piece of paper.
"Do you want me to take a message?" Tiffany asked hoping Nicole would say yes.
"Well, don't you know how to answer business phone calls Tiffany?  You are supposed to ask who's calling and then tell me who's one the phone," Nicole said hoping her authority over a secretary would impress the young man.
"I do know whose calling Nicole.  It's Doctor Lawson's office with your test results," Tiffany said smiling as she watched Nicole's expression change from arrogance to fear.
"I'll have to take that call Greg honey," Nicole said smiling at the neighbor.
"Here.  Call anytime. Let me know when he goes to Florida or you can come over to my place," he said lowering his voice in an attempt to keep Tiffany from overhearing him.
"I promise I will. He'll be gone soon. I have to take this call.  I'll call you soon," she said taking the piece of paper with Greg's phone number and closing the door.
"I'll take the call upstairs," Nicole said turning and running up the stairs.
"Okay," Tiffany said listening to her footsteps as she raced up the stairs towards Clark's office.
Tiffany watched the lights on the telephone and saw that Nicole had picked up the line that was on hold. Tiffany quickly got out of her chair and tip toed across the living room towards the stairway hoping to overhear Nicole's conversation.
"Are you sure?" Nicole said holding the phone tightly.
Tiffany tiptoed up a couple of steps to get a little closer hoping to hear more.
"Should I get another test done or is this accurate?" Nicole said into the phone.
"Okay. Thanks for calling," Nicole said hanging up the phone.
Tiffany quickly tiptoed back across the living room towards her desk. She was about to take a seat at her desk when she noticed that Nicole had picked up the telephone upstairs again.  She wondered whom Nicole would be calling so soon after the news she might have just received.  Overcome with curiosity she turned and walked back towards the stairs hoping to hear a little of the conversation from the upstairs office.
"Look I just found out," Nicole said.
Tiffany held her breath straining to hear the conversation.
"I'll come over and we'll talk about it," Nicole said. "I'll be right there," she said slamming down the phone.

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Soap Opera

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Soap Opera
Soap Opera

What was the result of the test that Nicole took?  Who did Nicole call?
Soap Opera

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