New York City Pictures Daily New York City Tours 09/19/02 : Chrysler Building, 42nd Street, UN, Tudor City
New York pictures, daily tours and pictures of New York City Hotels, New York City streets, New York attractions, New York City museums, New York Broadway and NYC natives. See a daily NYC photo tour each day on New York Travel on a budget.

New York City Pictures : Chrysler Building, 42nd Street UN, Tudor City : Pictures of NYC
New York City pictures, daily tours and pictures of New York Hotels, New York streets, New York City attractions, New York museums, New York City Broadway and NYC natives.  See a daily NYC photo tour each day on New York Travel on a budget for free!  Screensavers of NYC Skyline are here - Gift Shop - World Trade Center Attack Photos

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Daily Photos for 09/19/02 : Chrysler Building, 42nd Street, UN, Tudor City
"East Side Skyscrapers"
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FDR Drive

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Top right picture you see 42nd Street and the Chrysler Building to the far distant right.  This picture was taken from Tudor City.

Center right picture you see the FDR Drive and the United Nations to the far distant right.

Bottom right picture you see Tudor City as seen from 42nd Street.  Behind Tudor City, which is a large apartment building, you see the United Nations Building. 
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Tudor City

The Hottest Soap opera on  the web is NYC's
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