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The Soap Opera "As the Mouse Moves" is the web's most popular daily updated short story out of all the online books, fiction, series stories and web soap operas online today. This daily soap opera depicting the NYC lives of a single woman, a party planner, and an international spa owner is NYC's original photo drama. Follow the love life and romance of a small town girl becoming part of the New York experience. "As the Mouse Moves" is part of Readio NY Magazine featuring daily recipes, daily photo tours and this daily soap opera.
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Starring Tiffany Diamond.
Skeeter-her estranged husband
Clark Masters as her boss,
Jan and Amir - the clientele.
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Soap Opera
Soap Opera

Tiffany was with her married lover Amir on his yacht last night. This morning the TV news reported her missing. Starlene turned down the advances of Megollo that lives in Florida and works with the mob.
Soap Opera
Soap Opera

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Soap Opera "As The Mouse Moves" - Thursday August 8th 2002
"Starlene how would Megollo know that Amir's wife is missing?"  Tiffany said noticing that her hands were shaking so much she could barely hold the phone to talk to her sister.
"I don't know.  I asked him that.  He just said that Amir owns buildings and businesses here in New York and he knew everything about business here."
"Oh God, Starlene.  This is scary.  I mean everyone says that Nicole's Father is a Florida mob boss. That's been in the newspapers more than once. Megollo works for him, so he's probably in the mob too."
"Yeah, yeah, I'm thinking the same thing," Starlene said pacing the hardwood floors of their apartment overlooking Washington Square Park as she talked on her cell phone.
"Oh God, you don't suppose Megollo knows where Amir's wife is?"
"Why would the mob take his wife, or do something like that?"
"Does he want to see you?"
"Yeah, but why do that?"
"I don't know Starlene. I'm not a mob person.  I just find it strange that he would know all of this and he's in Florida.  Clark hadn't heard anything and Amir's his client."
"Yeah, but Clark's getting married Saturday. He's got his mind on Nicole and the wedding.  Besides maybe the news there is carrying the story and Clark didn't see it."
"Yeah. You're right.  I'm just jumping here.  I can't imagine what happened to her."
"Maybe she'll come home today. Maybe she has a boyfriend and she was out doing the same thing you and Amir were doing," Starlene said referring to Tiffany's clandestine meeting on Amir's yacht last night.
"That' s not funny. She's not the type to have an affair."
"How do you know? You don't really know her. You aren't the type to have an affair either."
"That's true," Tiffany said thoughtfully.
"What did Amir say about his wife last night?"
"They aren't happy."
"He said that since she woke up from the coma she hasn't remembered their marriage.  She only remembers her earlier life."
"Wow.  What else?"
"He says she doesn't like America or New York."
"Maybe she went back to the their island."
"Certainly Amir would have called his island and Malena's mother before he called the police."
"Yeah, that's true. What else did he say?"
"Only that she likes jewelry and clothes.  She shops for fun and that's the only thing she has in her life now."
"Not bad. I certainly wouldn't be unhappy with a man that gives me enough money to shop all day."
"Yeah. But that's not enough to keep her happy and he's not happy," Tiffany said remembering the conversation Amir and her had last night on his yacht before they made love.
"He's got so much money it would take a while for her to go through all of it."
"That's not what bothers him."
"Well what is it then? Doesn't he love her? He married her."
"I know he still loves her.  But they don't make love," Tiffany said as her voice cracked with pain.
"So he's seeing you for that and she's out spending his money.  Is that it?"

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Soap Opera

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Soap Opera
Soap Opera
Soap Opera

  Is that what the relationship with Amir and Tiffany has come to?

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