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Soap Opera

The Soap Opera "As the Mouse Moves" is the web's most popular daily updated short story out of all the online books, fiction, series stories and web soap operas online today. This daily soap opera depicting the NYC lives of a single woman, a party planner, and an international spa owner is NYC's original photo drama. Follow the love life and romance of a small town girl becoming part of the New York experience. "As the Mouse Moves" is part of Readio NY Magazine featuring daily recipes, daily photo tours and this daily soap opera.
Soap Opera Soap Opera


Starring Tiffany Diamond.
Skeeter-her estranged husband
Clark Masters as her boss,
Jan and Amir - the clientele.
Soap Opera



Soap Opera
Soap Opera

Tiffany's picture is on the front page of today's newspaper with her secret lover the mayoral candidate Amir.  Tiffany's boss said she would lose her job if she becomes involved with Amir. Will she?
Soap Opera
Soap Opera

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Soap Opera "As The Mouse Moves" - Tuesday July 31st 2001
Tiffany picked up the tabloid newspaper from her desk and stared at the picture in disbelief.  Her heart raced so fast she felt dizzy.  The phone on her desk rang.  She took quick short breaths fighting to hold back the tears.
"Manhattan Party Planning," she answered.
"I'm calling from the office of WLAT News.  Could I speak to Tiffany Diamond," the strange woman asked.
"Why would you want to speak to Tiffany Diamond?"
"We would like to arrange an interview with her."
"She's not here."
"When will she be in?"
"I don't know and don't call back," Tiffany said slamming the phone down.  The intercom on her desk buzzed and she jumped so quickly she knocked the stack of mail off her desk onto the floor.
"Yes Clark," she said quickly into the intercom not wanting her boss to come downstairs until she had an opportunity to compose herself.
"Tiffany did that check come in that I was looking for?"
"I don't know yet.  I….  I haven't gone through the mail yet."
"Do me a favor and hurry with that.  I want to get it to the bank today.  We're running short on funds since we haven't done any parties lately."
"Sure Clark," she said hanging up the phone and bending over to pick up the mail.  She quickly pulled the rubber band from the stack of mail and went through the envelopes looking for the check in question.  When she didn't see the envelope she picked up the phone and touched the intercom buzzing the upstairs office.
"Did it come in?" Clark asked hopefully.
"Oh God.  This is terrible.  I'll have to turn them over to collections," he said.
"Sorry," she said staring down at the front page of the newspaper thinking that Clark had a lot more to be concerned about than the check.
"You want to go into sales Tiffany?"
"I don't know Clark," she said wishing he would let her off of the intercom.
"Got to do something. If Jan and her Father aren't going to let me do the parties then we have to find other means."
"Maybe you'll get new business," she said wiping the perspiration from her forehead.
"Okay.  I'll come down for the mail after I call my lawyer."
"Okay," she said realizing she only had a few minutes to compose herself and figure out how she would explain the picture on the front page of today's newspaper.
She unfolded the newspaper and started to read the article when the front door of the townhouse opened.
"Is Clark in?" Jan asked slamming the door and glancing towards the stairs.
"Yes, but he's on the phone with his lawyer," Tiffany said feeling as if her world were spinning out of control.
"That's the right person for him to talk to," Jan said as she walked towards the stairs to go up to Clark's office. She stopped midway up the stairs and looked down at Tiffany.  "The messenger brought the lighter over yesterday," Jan said referring to the monogrammed cigarette lighter that belonged to Tiffany's estranged husband Skeeter that she had purposefully left in Clark's office the other day.
"I didn't know that you smoked Jan,' Tiffany said.
"Usually only after pleasurable vigorous activity," Jan said watching Tiffany's face.
"Where did you get a lighter with SD on it?" Tiffany asked surprised that she had the strength left to confront Jan.
"Probably the party at Gracie Mansion.  Too bad you didn't get to go….  But everyone knows you've been busy", Jan said as she continued to walk up the stairs towards Clarks office.

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Soap Opera

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Soap Opera
Soap Opera

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