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Soap Opera

The Soap Opera "As the Mouse Moves" is the web's most popular daily updated short story out of all the online books, fiction, series stories and web soap operas online today. This daily soap opera depicting the NYC lives of a single woman, a party planner, and an international spa owner is NYC's original photo drama. Follow the love life and romance of a small town girl becoming part of the New York experience. "As the Mouse Moves" is part of Readio NY Magazine featuring daily recipes, daily photo tours and this daily soap opera.
Soap Opera Soap Opera


Starring Tiffany Diamond.
Skeeter-her estranged husband
Clark Masters as her boss,
Jan and Amir - the clientele.
Soap Opera



Soap Opera
Soap Opera

Tiffany's estranged husband Skeeter is secretly seeing Jan. Jan's Father Stanley is dating Tiffany's sister Starlene. Last night Skeeter went to the party at Gracie Mansion and met another woman.
Soap Opera
Soap Opera

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Soap Opera "As The Mouse Moves" - Wednesday June 27th 2001
Tiffany picked up the remote to the television and hit the 'on' button as her sister Starlene sat beside her on the sofa in their apartment overlooking Washington Square Park.
"We'll be right back with more coverage of the party last night at Gracie Mansion," the announcer said as they went to commercial break.
"I wish you could have been there," Starlene said still dressed in the low cut evening dress that she had worn to the party last night at Gracie Mansion.
"Was Jan nice to you?" Tiffany asked wondering how Stanley's daughter would handle a young woman like her sister being her Father's lover.
"She was nasty of course."
"And you don't know why Amir left early?" Tiffany said impatient to find out the news of her secret lover's comatose wife.
"It was only rumored that it was serious about his wife. Maybe you'll be lucky and she's dead."
"That's horrible," Tiffany said having had the same thoughts only a second ago.
"There!  There's the Mayor," Starlene said as Tiffany quickly hit the mute button and turned the volume up on the television set.
"Mr. Mayor, we understand that you held the party here at Gracie Mansion tonight to give Amir Hada photo ops," the reporters said.
"That's not the only reason the party was held here," the Mayor quickly snapped.
"You should have seen that mansion," Starlene said proudly.
"Shhh", Tiffany said hitting the up button on the volume.
"But you do admit that the primary reason was that Amir could be seen in the setting of the Mayor's quarters since he's running for office."
"Amir doesn't need to be seen here.  It's what he stands for that matters," the Mayor said.
"Well, certainly it doesn't help that Amir was seen earlier rushing out of the party to go to the bed of his comatose wife."
"What do you expect for him to do?" the Mayor asked.
"Well I mean don't you think the voters are going to think he'll be distracted by this sick wife?"
"If he were married and getting a divorce then the reporters would find that a distraction.  He's doing what any man would do under these circumstances."
"Yes, but the numbers in the poll's show that Amir is running slightly behind his opponent.
"Polls... we can't depend on polls.  The voters will decide.  Excuse me," the Mayor said walking back into the living room of Gracie Mansion as the reporters stood outside watching the guests leave the party.
"We'll be right back after this break from your sponsor," the reporter said as a commercial for cat food started to play.
"She must be alive or they would have said she had died," Tiffany said disappointed.
"I hope they show me leaving next," Starlene said keeping an eye on the screen not wanting to miss a second.
"I guess Amir will call me," Tiffany said.
"Yeah.  Probably," Starlene said picking up the remote and getting it ready to record when the show came back on.
"We're back with more coverage of the mayoral candidate Amir Hada's party at Gracie Mansion," the reporter said as the tape started to roll.
"Yes, Theresa we're here at Gracie Mansion where all of New York's heavyweights are now leaving the party.  Our cameras caught up with Jan Morgan as she left the party," the reporter said as Tiffany watched Jan walk towards a waiting limo with her estranged husband Skeeter and another wealthy woman dressed in a long white evening dress.
Starlene hit the 'record' button on the remote.

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Soap Opera

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Soap Opera
Soap Opera

What will Jan say on the TV interview? 
Soap Opera

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